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How to set in a few steps
At first, go to and download and install Interception drivers. Working one are coming with this program in folder Interception. Run command-line as Administrator and run install-interception.exe to get help how to install.

After successful installation you can run GUI. It looks like in the picture.

0. From Keyboard settings menu choose New. Settings dialog for new keyboard settings appear, click OK.
1. Add keyboard
2. Set keyboard hardware ID by clicking on cell in HW ID column, dialog appears. Then make stroke on any key.
3. Go to keyboard profile
4. Add one
5. Go to Input
6. Add one
7. Set input key sequence, dialog appears
or make sequence from drop-down lists
8. Go to Output
9. Add Output
10. Same as in step 7, select Play/Pause from drop-down list.

Go back to menu choose Program -> Activate. If is everything ok, pressing L CTRL + L SHFT + KP 5 + Q plays or pauses audio or video player with activated system global hotkeys.

Right modifier keys acts like left
e.g. pressing R CTRL + A is translated to L CTRL + A
e.g. pressing R CTRL + R ALT + Del is translated to L CTRL + L ALT + Del

Start key sequence with modifier keys
e.g. pressing A + L SHIFT + L CTRL is reorder to L CTRL + L SHIFT + A

Show logging
Log box is shown but there is 10ms delay between strokes.

Run actual keyboard settings on Windows start
Works only if keyboard settings are saved in file. File to run at start is write to registry on close event.

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